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After Care...

Please ensure your hair is washed and completely dried prior to Fitting, Maintenance or Removal.  Please do not use any products on the hair.


Do not wash or wet your hair for approximately 24 hours after initial application.  Shampoo and Conditioner must be oil free, your stylist will recommend products to you.  Shampoo your hair twice and condition. Always was hair under a shower, lather gently downwards and rinse well. It is important that you ensure to rinse all products including shampoos and conditioner from your hair as this may leave a residue on your hair or in and around your bonds which could cause shedding or loss of extensions.

Pat dry with a towel, at no point when washing or drying should you rub vigorously with a towel or a brush as this could cause the hair to tangle or knot.

Wash your hair a maximum of 3 times per week.


Frequent use of a leave in conditioner and/or hair masks are strongly recommended.

Please refrain from using any products that are sulphate free, any oils or dry shampoo.


Brushing and Styling

Always support your hair when brushing to stop your extensions pulling at the root. If you do not follow these instructions it could rip your extension or cause your extensions to slip out. You may notice that you loose the odd strand of hair from your extensions here and there this is quite normal. 

We recommend loosely tying your hair back/plaiting your hair when going to bed to avoid any pulling of your extensions while you sleep.

You can style your hair any way you like, just please remember not to put too much strain on the bonds.


What products can I use?

You can use most oil free products but please ensure they are NOT sulphate free. You can use hairspray, gels and mouse etc.


Products I should not use?

Avoid products containing oils as this will cause your extensions to slip and damage your extensions. This cannot be repaired and the only option is removal and reapplication of the extensions.

Please refrain from using dry shampoo as this can also cause the extensions to matt and/or slip.


What tools can I use with my extensions?

You can use hairdryers and heat tools (such as straighteners and curlers etc). Do not use a brush and pull your hair as you dry as this can cause strain on your root over time. Gently dry your hair and style once dry.  

Your hair may go slightly frizzy but it is the best way to look after your own hair at the roots and keep your extensions as long as possible. Once totally dry you may use heat tools.

Please remember to always use heat spray! This is very important for the life span of your hair.



  • Every time you wash your hair gently go through your bonds and ensure they are separate. If they are attaching to each other pull them gently apart. If you are unable to do so, your bonds have begun to matt.

  • We offer a FREE 4 weekly check up to ensure your hair is remaining healthy and give advice as to how best to maintain your hair.

  • We recommend a satin pillowcase to reduce friction on your hair.

  • Tie hair back in a loose ponytail or plait when sleeping.

  • Brush your hair morning and night. Do not brush excessively throughout the day as this causes more strain on the bonds.



Your maintenance appointment should be booked in approximately every 10 to 12 weeks. 

We remove all extensions, brush out shedding and reattach your extensions with new bonds.  

Extra extensions can be added at this stage.


If left in longer than 10 to 12 weeks you will start to damage your own hair.

Any matting at maintenance will incur extra costs so please make your you attend your free 4 weekly appointments.


Full Removal of extensions

Hair can be reused at maintenance appointments for up to 12 months with proper aftercare.

Having your extensions removed NEEDS to be carried out by a professional, this is very important for the health of your own hair! 


A new set of extensions can be applied directly after removal, there is no need to rest your hair! 


LUByourself x